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Wednesday, February 5th, 2014


Lace Wigs V.S. Traditional Wigs
When most people think of wigs they automatically see a hairpiece that can be detected a mile away. We have all seen those that are not on straight or just not a good quality wig, making them very obvious. Today wigs have come a long way and what many do not realize is that today’s wigs are virtually undetectable. This is because of the superior design and the hours spent hand making as well as placing each and every strand of hair strategically. Traditional wigs have been around for decades and are generally made of a synthetic material. They are good quality wigs, however they do not offer the flexibility or freedom of a human hair wig known as lace wigs. The lace wig is a handmade wig that is made from 100% human hair. There are hours spent on the knotting and direction of the cuticle of each strand of hair making them lay beautifully, this is where the superior quality really benefits the finished wig. Now that you know the basics here is a little more information on the differences between lace wigs and traditional wigs. Traditional wigs made from synthetic materials are not as flexible with styling, coloring or changing the look of the wig. Whereas the lace wigs can be colored to match natural hair as well as styled regularly. Some women can do the styling themselves, but it is recommended that these wigs be taken to a professional. Another huge difference between the two is the fact that the synthetic wig is generally one that does not allow for a natural hair line. The lace wig blends with the individuals existing hair to make the most natural look. This also makes it possible to part the hair as desired and even pull it up or back. The possibilities while wearing a lace wig is much greater than other types of wigs. Synthetic wigs do not typically allow these freedoms due to their design. One of the benefits of synthetic wigs is that they are less expensive making them easier to obtain. Because lace wigs are made from human hair and handmade they tend to cost double if not triple what the average synthetic wig does. The quality and look is well worth the additional if it is at all possible within your budget though. The comfort and freedom is worth something plus the lace wigs last longer and are much easier to work with on a daily basis.

How To Choose A Wig To Compliment
Your Face Shape Hair styles are something that are ever changing and even those looking for a wig still must consider what looks good with their shape face. Granted, it is important to choose a wig based on personality and style, but also how it makes a person look and feel. One can never go wrong with choosing a wig style based on their shape of face. There are particular face types that are flattered with certain hair styles and this information is important to get the most out of a wig. Read on for information about the types of face shapes and the best wig styles! In order to determine the shape of your face pull your hair back and trace the outline in the mirror with a bar of soap. You might not have to do this test if you already know the shape face that you have. Compare the tracing to the information below to determine which shape you have: A triangle Shape is one that is narrow through the forehead and wide at the chin. On the triangle shape face a layered look or curly with heavy fringe builds fullness around the face. The hair kept at shoulder length or shorter will also compliment the triangle shape face. A square shape face is one in which the jaw line and forehead are the same. Short hair styles with wave or curl on the top compliment this shape face. Wispy bangs and edges also soften the wider forehead as well as jaw line complimenting nicely. Oval Shape faces are those that can wear just about any wig style. They can wear short, long, curly or straight. One might try longer hair with soft layers around the face. It has often been said that oval shapes are the luckiest of all because they can easily wear a variety of different wig styles. Heart shaped face are those with a wide forehead, high cheek bones, but a narrow v-shaped chin. Short cropped wedges with tapered to the neck are very compatible with this shape of face. Also long wispy fringe softens the round and full check bones. Individuals should also take into consideration their personality and style. It is important to compliment the shape of face, but the individual must also be happy with the style of wig that they chose. There are also many other styles that look good with different shape faces, trying them out can help find the best fit for your face, personality and style.

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